Anna-Liisa (anna_liisaslyth) wrote in percy_fans,

Drabble (G)

Drabble (little over 100 words)
Pairing: Percy/Oliver
Rating: G
Disclaimer: HP has never been's Rowling's.
If you see mistakes, I'm sorry about them. English is't my first language :>

Because no one'll know

Percy Weasley always knew he was different, but Oliver Wood did not know that about him. They had known each other for six years already, and Percy had never even dared to speak about anything like that. Once or twice he though about it, but always the same though came back to him: Oliver was not gay. Little did Percy know, because Oliver really liked him.

That is why Oliver made the first move. And after their first kiss they were happy with each other. Happy, because no one would never know about them, because they were the only ones who slept in the 7th year dormitory.

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Tags: fanfic, g, percy/oliver, slash

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